EMT Adventure

A Medical Simulation Game

EMT Adventure is a fully-animated simulation app for EMTs and EMT students.

  • You’re the EMT on duty for an entire city.
  • Treat scenes and patients just as you would in real life.
  • Animated patients react to clinical choices in real-time.
  • Your score reflects your EMT capability.

Clinical Game Play

EMT Adventure looks and plays like a video game – you just need a little EMS knowledge to succeed. Earn extra points for better equipment on your ambulance, compete with other players, and watch your score rise and fall with your patient’s condition.

Realistic Medical Simulation

Animated patients give off the same visual and audio clues about their conditions you’d expect to see in real life, like changing skin pallor and turgor.

Real-Time Actions and Reactions

Scenarios play out in real time, so think on your feet! Patient appearance and vital signs change immediately based on your decisions. If your breeze through scene safety and patient assessment, your score drops.

Endless Clinical Possibilities

Respond to realistic calls for airway, cardiac, trauma and medical emergencies for the gamut of patient types. Every day brings new emergencies, and not every scene is as straightforward as it seems…

Individual and Classroom Options



  • Play solo or play for rank against other individual users.
  • Great EMT refresher for current providers, volunteers and advanced students.
  • Play at your own pace or put yourself “on call” and have the app decide when the tones drop.
Be a Beta Tester

(Expected in 2022!)



  • Educators control scenario access and can assign scenarios as homework.
  • Option for leaderboards and ranking systems within the class.
  • Educators get to see student performance for each scenario.
Be a Beta Tester

(Expected in 2022!)


When will EMT Adventure be released?

We’re hoping for 2022. If you’ve been following this project, you know there have been some delays. Go ahead and sign up for beta testing!

Do I have to be an EMT (or EMT student) to use EMT Adventure?

No, but you do need a working knowledge of EMS or emergency medicine. The app isn’t as much fun if you don’t know what nitroglycerin does or how to read vital signs.

What are the system requirements for EMT Adventure?

You can use EMT Adventure on desktop, tablet or mobile devices with reliable WiFi. For mobile you need Android 7.0.0+ or iOS 11.0+. Most web browsers are sufficient if they’re up to date.

I’ve seen a lot of clunky medical training simulators. Is this just another one?

No. EMT Adventure plays like a video game. It’s fun and fast-paced. It just happens to also teach and reinforce clinical knowledge of emergency medicine.

Can I play against my friends?

The first edition is single player, but we WILL expand to multiplayer in future iterations. But the first iteration has some competitive gameplay options: Leaderboards will rank all users by points, and you can challenge other users by sending a scenario to them and competing for score.

I’m an educator – how do I get this for my classroom?

There’s a classroom version of EMT Adventure! Educators can assign scenarios for homework and monitor each student’s performance. Sign up for launch notifications.

Is there a Paramedic Adventure?

Not yet. One thing at a time!

How realistic are the emergency scenarios?

Very realistic. This is medical simulation, so patients have the same signs and symptoms as they would in real life, they react to treatment the way they would in real life, and time is of the essence. Details matter and you can’t blunder your way through.

What happens if I kill a patient?

There’s no ctl+Z for this one. Poor decisions can result in undesirable patient outcomes (and low scores), but you’ll eventually have a chance to re-try the scenario.

I have an idea for a scenario. Wanna hear it?

Sure. We’ve got a pretty solid variety of scenarios coming your way in the first edition of EMT Adventure, with lots more planned for future editions, but we want to know what’s important to you. Send us a direct message on our Facebook page.

Who are you?

Limmer Education, nice to meet you. We make high quality, clinically accurate, and educationally sound products to help EMS and allied health students pass their NREMT or state exams. Here are some things we’ve made.

When will EMT Adventure be released?

Already answered this one but we hear it a lot, so we’ll answer again. We’re looking at late summer or early fall this year. It’s going to be worth the wait! Sign up for launch notifications.